Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lake Village, a trip down memory lane

Laura and I met each other at the Mallard Dormitory in Lake Village, Yellowstone during the summer of 1997. This is our 10 year anniversary of knowing each other. What better way to celebrate than to go back to the origins of the relationship. Our first full evening off we decided to travel to Lake Village for a trip down memory lane. It was exactly that as we reminded each other of all the different things that happened that summer. From the pool playing at Lake pub to the ranger arrest at Lake Yellowstone to the romantic getaway at storm point. Memories came roaring back.

Our first stop was Lake Yellowstone where we took in the spectacular mountain view across the lake.

Then, we walked up to Lake Lodge, the location where Jeremy worked as a stock boy. The lobby and adjacent employee rec center looked nearly identical to the one in our memories. From there, we visited Mallard dorm and our old rooms. The faces were all different but the building was exactly as we left it. Finally, we went to Lake pub, the gathering place for all employees after a hard days work and one of the coolest pubs in the world. The pub contains thousands of signatures combined with years written on all the walls, ceilings, logs, etc. Back in 1997, we had written our names up on the ceiling. We had to know if it was still there. There will be no greater site for us in all of Yellowstone than this one.

The lake pub timber contains our signatures and our good friend from Florida, Jeff Laurie. After seeing our signatures, we tossed back a beer each and watched the 2007 Lake employees do the same things we did years ago.

From there, we moved on to the Lake Hotel where Laura had worked. Haunting work memories flooded back to her and we had to leave Lake Village once again.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh for memories---just hearing you reminise makes us think back on our fun trip out to visit you there and the fact that back then we got to meet that pretty young girl that you were having such great Yellowstone adventures with. Good luck avoiding the FINES this time out there. DAD

Greg said...

Reading your dad's comments. I say see, memories are the best. Ours of Yellowstone starting 32 years ago are still there. Albiet somewhat murkier in some places ...
"Roosevelt Arch ..... what Arch.GC
You know.NC
No I don't.GC"

So went a snippet of a much longer interchange here on Lake Road this brite, sunny, blue, clear-skied, Vermont morning. But I'm sure you are quite familar with such [skies that is] where you are.

Thanks again for sharing.